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Kashmir (Dec 2000 - Jan 2001)
Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir 2000/2001 House boats, Srinagar, Kashmir 2000/2001 Pehelgam, Kashmir 2000/2001
Winter ground, on the way from Pehelgam, Kashmir 2000/2001 Naked Trees, on the way from Pehelgam, Kashmir 2000/2001 Muggle Gardens, Srinagar, Kashmir 2000/2001
Boats on Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir 2000/2001 My Hosting family, Great Great people, the Khans. Srinagar, Kashmir 2000/2001 Kashmiri Beggar at Lal Chok, the main market, Srinagar
Amritzar, Punjab (Jan 2001)
Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab. January 2001
Rajastan (Feb 2001)
Camel, Pushkar, Rajastan. February 2001 Three indians on the street, Puskar, Rajastan. February 2001 Indian bed cover, Puskar, Rajastan. February 2001
New Delhi (Jan 2001)
Main Bazzar, New Delhi, January 2001

A holy man should behave in the village like a bee which takes its food from a
flower without hurting its appearance or its scent.